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Macvide Flash Player

Macvide Flash Player is a simple and useful player for viewing flash on your computer with Mac OS
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29 November 2013

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While viewing the flash file you need to open them with a browser and the most frustrating part has been that when you have any new version of flash file at your PC it doesn’t get played. But the problem should not stop you from viewing your favorite file even if you are unable to open them in the browser. For the purpose you can use the Macvide Flash Player 1.0 on your PC with the Mac OS. It provides you with a player that can play the flash file that you save on your PC, and provide you with play controls.

Macvide Flash Player 1.0 is easy to get and install at your PC. It accompanies easy features that you can use for viewing the flash FLV and SWF file you have downloaded. You can watch the file that had been downloaded from any website like YouTube, Google, etc. It consists of the functions of the payer that make the file that had been played fully controlled through the features. You can even enjoy your flash games along with the flash video files. Once you have downloaded the files you can easily open them with the program by the ‘Open’ option provide on its screen. When the video is played it is shown at the middle of the screen. You can pause or stop the video at anytime you want so that when you leave the desk for a moment you do not need to move the pointer back to the same point when you left it at. It’s and easy to use player with simple features.

Macvide Flash Player 1.0 also supports Auto Size Determination and the Manual Resize features for the played video. It has been rated with 3 points for its features and easy functioning. The software lacks in features like making a sequence which are generally available in other utilities in this class.

Publisher's description

Macvide Flash Player is a simple and useful player for viewing flash on your computer with Mac OS. You can watch your favorite flash SWF and video FLV files without internet. And it allows you to watch downloaded flash files from youtube and other video websites. Macvide Flash Player it's fully functional flash player. It's easy to use and absolutely free! Let you enjoy your favorite flash games and flash video today!
Macvide Flash Player
Macvide Flash Player
Version 1.8.46
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